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This Week in History: 6 March 1951
The Rosenberg Trials

On the 6 of March 1951 in New York the Trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg began. The charge? ‘Conspiracy to commit Espionage’. The act? The leaking of atomic weapon plans to the USSR. Though often considered treasonous, the fact that the USA and the USSR were on the same side in the Second World War prevents this from being... Read more ︎

This Week in History: 22 January 1924
The first Labour government is formed

Headed by the charismatic highlander Ramsay MacDonald, this ground-breaking administration was overwhelmed in a matter of 9 months. Beset by public scandals relating to the “Red Scare” and the new administration’s supposed links with... Read more ︎

Celebration and condemnation are not enough – we must analyse history to understand it

The impact of the Bolshevik Revolution, which occurred 100 years ago this week, cannot be overstated. On an international scale, the ramifications of the Revolution were felt all over the world, from wars in Vietnam and Korea to American foreign policy. Now that we have reached the centenary of this historic event, questions are being raised as to how we should celebrate it, and whether ‘celebration’ itself is in fact the appropriate way to recognise the uprising... Read more ︎

Diagnosing learning disabilities at university

The prevalence of learning disabilities is a significant issue within today’s society. Awareness has increased immeasurably in the last 20 years, most noticeable in our schools and universities, where disability services are increasingly available to assist those with learning difficulties. Specific learning difficulties (SpLD) affect the way in which information is learned and processed. They are neurological, often genetic and contrary to many people’s... Read more ︎

Unprotected wifi networks could be exposed to hacks

Connecting to Wi-Fi has always had the potential to leave internet users open to security attacks that could jeopardise the security of sensitive information. Now, new research indicates that the authentication system used in the majority of wireless... Read more ︎

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